Hi, I am Jamie, the founder and owner of PiperBlue. I am passionate about health and wellness because of my very personal journey overcoming chronic kidney disease, depression and lots more. Through this journey I learned the road back to health and vitality was much more than I expected! I even wrote a book about my experience. It was a journey of total body wellness. A journey that includes all aspects of healing. The physical (lifestyle, deep nutrition, and eliminating toxins), as well as mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

Health and wellness education should be simple and affordable. There should be tools, education, and products out there for everyone seeking it to improve your life without exception. I am now on a mission to make that happen. I want everyone to have the support they need for total body wellness inside and out.

A portion of your purchase also goes towards helping women and their families receive education that focuses on total body wellness and a team of support to help them be successful.

PiperBlue was created to fulfill the first step of my vision. I believe all women have their own unique, natural beauty. My desire is that this makeup will provide you with the purest ingredients possible and will enhance your natural beauty while promoting health and vitality. We use food-grade, organic ingredients to nourish you through your skin.

I am so excited that I get to share with you this amazing makeup that doesn't make you choose between health or beauty. With PiperBlue you can have both!

For so long I either had a healthy makeup, that just didn't perform, or was filled with ingredients that I felt compromised my health. Now I have created something exceptional. It's fast and easy, yet has the highest quality natural ingredients and performance.

My secret ingredient is love, which I hope you experience as you wear this makeup, seeing yourself for the beautiful woman you are. I hope you will celebrate your own innate beauty within you each time you put this on.

 I am so happy to bring Courage, Happy, Brave, Peace, Joy, and Grace to you through this makeup.

Thank you for your support to help change the lives of women and their families through your purchase.


Celebrating your beauty,

Jamie and PiperBlue Makeup