Beauty-Health Facial Profiling

by Jamie Jensen on June 01, 2022

Jamie - is Speaking

Saturday June 25th - Building 2 Indoor @  1:00 pm

Beauty-Health Facial Profiling & Cellular Reverse Aging

What is your face and beauty-health telling you about the health of your body? 
Jamie has a passion for bringing true beauty to women's lives! She has found that true wellness and beauty-health are intertwined like a rope, and that facial analysis is a secret to not only health, but reverse aging at the cellular level. 
Naturally reverse age at the cellular level for total wellness and beauty with a secret building block from the inside out and Beauty-Health facial profiling. She will share this in her class at the conference.  As well as have in person color matching and facial profiling.

Jamie has a gift in seeing people as they are with their unique qualities. She loves being a piece of their beauty-health journey in seeing them embrace their own journeys and take back their health, joy and beauty that comes through leaning into life.
She is also the creator and founder of PiperBlue Organic Makeup - a unique, truly clean, hormone friendly makeup that celebrates Stories of Hope - From the Heart. She believes no one should have to choose between their health or their beauty. 
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