Medium Fair with Warm Tones

 W3 Joy Foundation
Palette Color Placement
W4 Driven Foundation
Warm 3 Joy
Light Neutral

For people who have Medium fair skin, your depth would typically be 3 or a 4.

Warm undertones would be yellow, peach or olive. Sometimes with red tones mixed in.



 W3 Joy - Palette 
 W4  Driven - Palette 

Joy Palette contains:

W3 Joy Foundation

W2 Courage Highlight

Aspire Blush and Lip

Wisdom Contour

Radiance Bronzer

Driven Palette contains:

W4 Driven Foundation

W3 Joy Highlight

Aspire Blush and Lip

Compassion Contour

Brilliance Bronzer 



 What's in this palette
 Blush 2 - Aspire
Blush - Aspire
 Bronzer #1 Radiance for Joy Palette  Bronzer #2 Brilliance for Driven Palette
Bronzer 1 Radiance Bronzer Brilliance
 Contour 2 - Wisdom for Joy Palette Contour 3 Compassion for Driven Palette
Contour Contour
One of these Medium Light foundation colors depending on your Palette choice
W3 Joy
W4 Driven
Warm 1 Peace


One foundation shade lighter than your main foundation color to highlight and brighten 



Warm Undertones generally have a greenish colors for veins on neck and wrists.
 Undertone Color
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