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Hydro Makeup Blender - PiperBlue Organic Makeup
Makeup Blender - PiperBlue Organic Makeup

    Hydro Microfiber Makeup Blender

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    Hydrophilic Microfiber Makeup Blender -

    This hydrophylic makeup blender is made from microfiber. It's a great blender and can be used wet or dry. For cream or liquid foundations it is best used wet. It blends makeup beautifully and leaves the makeup texture looking natural and fresh. It is so soft and fluffy when used wet and gently works with your unique features as you use it. This blender doesn't soak large amounts of makeup into it like other blenders. It can be used dry for powders. 

    Recommendations and use

    We recommend using this blender wet. Run under lukewarm water and squeeze out as much water as possible. Blend already applied foundation or makeup, or apply makeup with blender in a gentle stippling motion.

    To clean, use a gentle soap and warm water and dry completely before using. You may also boil it for 10 minutes after washing for deep cleans every so often. Let it dry in-between washing.

    Some people like to get two and alternate while one is drying.